Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 1
After an odd ride, that made my water slosh around. I arrived to a place that a bunch of large odd looking creatures started looking at me. They had been relentless, the odd creatures tapped on my glass and yelled this odd word “Fishy!”. But my fear grew.  The odd creatures once again uprooted my water. 

 We traveled, my water again flopped around. The strange creatures began to discuss something, loudly. It was clear that it was about me. I just wondered what they would do with me. I was thinking I would be eaten; but then it was worse.

They took me out of my water. My huge home, and place me in a tiny cylinder. Again I had been endlessly view by these strange large creatures. Two smaller red heads kept coming by. I was swimming in an endless circle. 

Just then, my home was in sight. One of the 2 larger creatures started to pour my water out. But I was scared. What if I was going to be placed with another fish? I don’t like other fish. The water in my cylinder was getting lower and lower, I was frightened. Just as I thought it was over, sploosh.
I t was my old home. The water was clearer, and cleaner. I was put into a place that the larger of the red haired creatures slept.  And it became dark, it must have been night. I took the opportunity and rested.

When the light came back on, she was back…. She spooked to me. I’m gonna guess that it is a friendly greeting. She didn’t want to eat me; her voice was kind and friendly. I believe being here, me that it, that I brought her fun and joy. But then things went wrong.

My water became cold. So I adapted. I moved slower. Every flip of my fin became a way to conserve my heat and energy. 

In time the larger one came and found me. They acted fast. They slowly warmed up my water. The little red heads came around. The larger one spoke again. When they realized that I was alright. They placed some food for me and left. I guess a day in the life of a fish is exciting. Who knows what is in store tomorrow.